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Real Estate Investar Presenters

David Hows

Real Estate Investar founder, entrepreneur and technologist with more than 13 years property investing experience.

Clint Greaves

Real Estate Investar director with more than 10 years property investing experience including residential buy and hold, renovations and residential / commercial developments.

Frank Days

Frank is responsible for supporting and assisting Australasian investors make more successful and rewarding property investing decisions using our suite of tools.

9 Oct - Brisbane
Niche 433 Logan Rd, Stones Corner

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Workshop attendee recommendations:

It has helped my property investing strategies enormously.
Jude, QLD
If you invest in real estate, but don't know the market, there is no better research tool out there.
David, Vietnam (investing in Australia)
Informative property investment strategies and smart tools – highly recommended.
Michaella, QLD

Real Estate Investar Fast-track to Property Profits Workshop LIVE

This content-rich workshop reveals how you can create a portfolio with $147,000 in equity and $12,000 in annual cash flow in less than 18 months (no matter where you are starting from today).

We'll walk you through step-by-step and show you exactly how to increase your equity and cash flow regardless of whether the market is going up, down or sideways using live examples of property for sale across Australia and safe, smart strategies.

We will show you exactly how you can do this and give you access to the unique tools you'll need to make sure you succeed…

Great night put on by Real Estate Investar. It covers seven great property investing strategies - nice work. Catch a seminar if you can.
Jane, NSW

Book now for the Real Estate Investar Fast-track to Property Profits Workshop and discover exactly how to:

Create a portfolio with $147,000 in additional equity and $12,000 in surplus annual cash flow in less than 18 months (no matter where you are starting from today).
Easily find motivated vendors - we can show you 68 ways to find people who will sell their property below market value to you.
Ensure you always buy property at a discount - "buy wholesale, not retail".
Find and negotiate no money-down and vendor finance deals.
Have property pay you not the other way round - find real cash flow positive property.
Generate quick chunks of equity through renovation projects without lifting a finger.
Ensure you maximise your potential for high capital growth.
Build a balanced portfolio so the banks keep saying yes - ensure you know the answer will be yes from the bank before you even start negotiating the deal.

Should I attend?

This free property investing workshop will cover proven strategies suitable for both beginner and advanced property investors. Please register regardless:
Of how many properties you have in your portfolio.
Whether you are a seasoned investor for many years.
Are just starting out and are curious about the long term benefits property investing can deliver.

Our guarantee to you

We promise to show you how to increase your equity and cash flow regardless of whether the market is going up, down or sideways.

See how it becomes simple to access thousands of new deals every week using sophisticated and easy to use property investment tools.

7 key strategies that we will cover in detail

1. How to find motivated vendors

Motivated sellers want property sold fast and are far more negotiable than the average seller.

In minutes, we can show you;

68 ways to find people who will sell their properties below market value to you.
How to start creating instant equity of $10k-$100k plus on every deal you do from now on.

2. Target property with large discounts

Buy wholesale, not retail. Sounds simple, and with the right tools at your fingertips it can be.

We will show you how to;
Search over 1 million property listings and narrow your results down to a handful of gems.
Instantly assess the estimated market value of each property, so you know exactly what the gap is to purchase price.
Ensure each and every investing decision you make from now on is based on the latest data and trends. No more guesswork.

Register for free now, limited seating

3. Limited equity doesn't need to hold you back

Finding and negotiating no money down and vendor finance deals is easy, if you know how to look for them.

We will demonstrate how to cherry pick from hundreds of everyday properties, where the vendor is offering to help you finance the property.

Register your place now and learn to;
Negotiate these deals.
Deal with the banks and use your existing equity to add substantial value to the property.
Ensure lack of surplus equity will never impede your investing again.

4. Find REAL cash flow property

The biggest barrier to investing for many of us is cash flow. But how do you avoid cramping up your lifestyle to fund your investing goals? If you did not have to top up your investment portfolio expenses with your salary each month, how many properties could you really buy? We will show you;
Tried and tested strategies that maintain the right balance between surplus cash flow and debt servicing.
How to avoid running out of borrowing horsepower ever again by building a solid, safe and self-funding property portfolio.
How to find hundreds of positive cash flow properties all over the country - every day – in seconds.

Register for free now, limited seating

5. Generate large chunks of equity through renovation projects (without lifting a finger)

Now it's true the market goes up, down and sideways... so creating equity through buying wholesale and adding additional value are two key strategies we can use to manufacture capital growth, especially when the market is not moving.

We will share with you how it becomes simple to;
Find properties with the biggest discounts and the most financial upside.
Create large chunks of equity and why you should pick and choose the jobs you want to do and pay good quality tradespeople to do the rest.
Get the renovation done faster, you get a better end result, you create more value and more surplus equity than taking 3 times as long by trying to do it all by yourself.

Real Estate Investar recommendations:

After only a few days I was so impressed by how powerful Real estate Investar was, I soon became addicted!
Emma, NSW
I heartedly recommend this exceptional tool for property investors that want to save time and money on their journey to added success.
Kevin Dai, NSW
Nothing comes close to Real Estate Investar. Highly recommend the software to any property investor it helps you overcome the fear and eliminate any costly mistakes you might make on your own.
Steve Rodriguez, VIC
Real Estate Investar Tools help me to find, analyse and research the houses that match my strategic criteria and saves me a lot of time.
Cam, NZ  

6. Maximise your potential for high capital growth

Yes - capital growth is one of the most leveraged ways to create wealth with property. But as each state goes through its boom and bust cycles, the worst thing you can do, if you are buying for growth is jump into an area that's not going to grow anytime soon. Having access to research and analysis tools that present you with the very latest suburb and property trends and data, means you will be able to:
Easily pick the areas to invest in today for growth tomorrow and more importantly avoid no-growth-soon areas.
Increase your chances of buying properties in areas that are going to grow in the near future.

Pick the winners, the places to watch and most importantly how to steer clear of the losers.

7. Build a balanced portfolio so the banks keep saying yes

Hopefully you have found lots of good reasons to attend the workshop, but here's the most important.

As you build your property portfolio using some or all of the strategies outlined above, it becomes increasingly important that you know how to balance cash flow, capital growth and equity in your portfolio.

The banks know this too and if your portfolio is skewed too heavily in one direction, sooner or later they'll stop lending you money and slow down your ability to grow.

We will show you how to;

Build and manage a balanced portfolio.
Look at any deal you do and easily crunch the numbers and consider how it compliments your existing portfolio BEFORE you commit to the deal.
Ensure you know the answer will be "yes" from the bank before you even spend time negotiating the deal.

This workshop will have every tip, every strategy and every piece of content that we promise to deliver, crammed into the two hour session.

We will show you (like we have shown thousands of Australian investors already) exactly how to increase your equity and cash flow regardless of whether the market is going up, down or sideways.

Package Retail Price 
Fastest rising rents $99
Fastest median price growth $99
Highest yields $99
Discounted properties $99
Highest percentage of renovation listings $99
Biggest price gap between top and bottom $99
Highest percentage of distressed price listings $99
Biggest increase in household income $99
Biggest turn around suburbs past 4 years $99
Biggest quarterly mover suburbs $99



These reports normally retail for $99 each here, this is real value.

Real Estate Investar recommendations:

Using a tool such as Real Estate Investar has made my property investing a lot simpler by combining most of my search needs into one central location.
George Gross, NSW
The many hundreds of properties I had searched using the Real Estate Investar tools has contributed greatly to my two successful 'buy land /build/ rent' properties. To have done this using traditional methods, the old way, would have taken me, I estimate over 5 months or more, searching daily per property.
Peter Bilston, QLD
Being a very conservative person who wanted relatively 'safe' investments, I felt that all the statistical evidence provided by the program really helped me to make investments that will grow over time.
Tess Binns, VIC
I really place high value in what Real Estate Investar has to offer for these main reasons; - Simple and intuitive to use
Jeremy Taylor, WA
Thank you for helping us to grow a property portfolio that will give us a great lifestyle and look forward to many more brilliant purchases in the years ahead.
Adrian Melbourne, NSW